5th NHRD HR Showcase 2016 - Winners

The 5th NHRD HR Showcase 2016, was organised as part of the NHRD National Conference that was held at Grand Castle, Palace Grounds, Bellary Road, Bangalore, on 8th and 9th December, 2016. The NHRD HR Showcase, is the signature event of the NHRD Bangalore Chapter, and is shaped to bolster the enduring spirit of the HR practices.

The HR Showcase is a platform to present HR excellence, spanning a range of unique sensibilities, from an intellectual re-imagining of concepts and cultures to an intuitive adaptability for significant business impact. This Showcase is an opportunity to honour the thinkers and doers among us, the barrier breakers, the bridge builders, and the radiating forces of change. They were put under the limelight. Organisations & individuals presented path-changing practices as a formative influence to the Business & HR fraternity.

The competition categories are as follows:

  1. Corporate HR Best Practices
  2. Best HR Research Papers
  3. Best Practices in Innovation in Management Education
  4. Corporate CSR Best Practices
  5. Most promising HR StartUps

Besides a Exhibition of HR Products & Service Providers.

This was an opportunity to SHOWCASE unique Best practices that have resulted in significant business impact in organizations.

The event received an overwhelming response. In all we had

Nos Category Entries Finalists
1 Corporate HR Best Practice 104 43
2 Best HR Research Papers 12 7
3 Best Practice in Innovation in Management Education 22 9
4 Corporate CSR Best Practice 20 10
5 Most Promising HR StartsUps 42 11
6 Exhibition Of HR Products& Service Providers 31

We had participants from all across India from Bangalore, Mysore, Goa, Coimbatore, Pudukottai, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Kolkatta, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, New Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai etc. We had over 2000+ visitors over the 2 days of the Event from among the Business & HR fraternity and from all across India.

The whole repertoire of unique HR Practices, HR products & services were showcased viz. Recruitment, Hiring, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Assessment, HR Analytics, Career Management, Employee Engagement, Coaching & Mentoring, Employee Safety & Wellness, Leadership, HRMS, Payroll & Compliance, Diversity & Inclusion, Orientation Induction Programs, HR Technologies, Total Rewards (Compensation & Benefits), Values etc.

Who says “HR is not creative”. The HR Showcase 2016, saw HR at its creative & vibrant best. We had HR presenting Line Managers, Business Leaders, Union Leaders, Workman, Extended families, Nurses, Heads of HR, Customers/Clients etc to present their Unique & Best practices. We even had a couple of differently enabled people present at the Booths and in fact in one case the Jury was taught sign language to help communicate with the differently enabled person.

The HR professionals showcased their Best Practices in unique ways thro PopUps, Posters, TV Shows, gamification (snake & ladder, chinese checkers, dart wheel, punching bags, shooting), magic shows, flash mob dances, skits etc. The whole place was decorated as a festival of HR practices and filled with people from Business & HR community. Every one was going overboard to impress the string of non-stop visitors about their Best/Unique practices and also vying for the People’s Choice Award.

The Winners are:

Category Organisation Title of the entry
Best HR Research Paper J.M. Sampath and Kalpana Sampath Value Education as a Process to Enhance Ethical Orientation amongst Students of ManagementOrganisation
Dr. Vijaya V and Dr. Jyoti Pant Flying higher to disappear? -Weaving the threads to hold back the rope
Best Corporate CSR Practice Astra Zeneca Young Health Program
Magma Finance Corportion Magma Highway Heroes
Best Innovation in Management Education Welingkar Education (WE School) Global Citizen Leader Program (GCL)
PSG Institute of Management Anubhav
Most Promising HR Start Up Nidharshana Technologies Discover Self
Darwin Box HRMS
Corporate HR Best Practices Himatsingka Seide Limited Talent Pipeline Management System
Infosys Ltd. A Digital Career Development Platform
Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd MANIP Manipal Nursing Induction Program
Biocon Ltd Implementation of a Comprehensive Talent Management
SRF Limited Employee Engagement
Wipro Limited Diversity & Inclusion
People's Choice Award Bharti Airtel Limited Own your Family

NHRD HR Showcase 2016 Winners

Here is a video that catches the glimpses of the NHRD HR Showcase 2016

Congratulations to the winners.

To me it was personally gratifying and satisfying to have been able to lead this huge Project / Event and ably assisted by my Team Leaders - Prakrithi Shetty (Gen Pact), Vivek S (Aboven Beyond), Aarti Mohan (Saatva), Bhasker Bhandary (Acer), Prof Savitha GR (Welingkar Education), Prof Vasanthi (IIM B) and Sapna (Project Coordinator), Charles H (NHRD Manager) and the entire team of the NHRD National Conference organising team and with the backing of Balachandar Natarajan (President of NHRD Bangalore).

The event was well received and appreciated by all the participants and is truly seen as a Signature Event of NHRD Bangalore Chapter and is an event many organisations are looking forward.

It truly spurs all of us to make this even bigger & better in years to come.

HR Showcase

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NHRD HR Showcase 2016 Winners

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