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HR SHOWCASE EVENT(Dec 7th & 8th, 2018)

The NHRD HR Showcase,is a signature event of the NHRD Bangalore Chapter, and is shaped to bolster the enduring spirit of the HR practices. In the true sense of the word, we intend to make the Showcase a platform to present HR excellence, spanning a range of unique sensibilities, from an intellectual re-imagining of concepts and cultures to an intuitive adaptability for significant business impact.

This Showcase would be an opportunity to honour the thinkers and doers among us, the barrier breakers, the bridge builders, and the radiating forces of change. We intend to seat them under the limelight. We hope you present yourself and your path-changing practices as a formative influence to the rest of us. If you have an impressive body of work, please feel free to submit multiple applications for various Best Practices that you have initiated and implemented. Submissions are completely free.

The competition Sub themes are:

  1. Using AI/analytics to amplify human performance, increase productivity
  2. Using technology to get people more connected and engaged
  3. Agile workforce: Best practices for getting people ready for the future tech- reskilling, changing jobs/roles, careers
  4. Change management – how are companies bringing ‘humanness’ to balance technology
HR Showcase

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